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Dilbert Gets Fired

    Dilbert gets fired!

    “You know, some people are angry,” Adams said. “They think I’m making fun of the unemployed, but most people take it for what it is – just a cartoon and people are saying, ‘You know, it’s nice to have somebody kind of reflect our reality.”

    Dilbert is trying to make ends meet and paid the price for having a side business at his job. The strip is reflective on the hard times the country is facing after almost half a million people are without work in the past few months. I fear for Dagwood Bumstead’s job. When will the shoe drop? Adams has a firm grasp of the realities of the job market and is cutting himself also a nice piece of publicity pie in the media with Dilbert’s firing and also getting attention for his own file sharing business. The irony of it all is Adams pissed a lot of publishers with his own posturing of his self preservation of media exploitation for free publicity for his file sharing operation, which happens to be Dilbert’s storyline. Art imitates life in many ways. This type of hype is great for newspapers and for Adams, curiosity will get your the extra sale.