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Doodle Jump Passes Five Million Downloads

    doodle jump app

    Igor and Marko Pusenjak, two brothers originally from Croatia were looking to make a little side money in 2009 when they created Doodle Jump. What they created within a year spawned over 5 million downloads. Doodle Jump sells for 99 cents in the iTunes store with sales growing each day. When first introduced the game was a slow seller till they got some buzz from Jimmy Fallon “Late Night” show and Lady Gaga and sales went through the roof since. There is already talk of an animated series based on Doodle the Doodler.

    I remember a moment of frustration when we were selling only 20 or 30 copies a day,” he said, “then we made it into the top 25 apps and we’ve been there for almost a year now.”