Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season

The Doom Patrol dubbed “World’s Strangest Heroes” is enjoying success on the small screen. There are great parallels between the X-Men and the Doom Patrol. DC’s heroes debuted a full three months prior to X-Men #1 in 1963. Both their leaders in wheelchairs lead a band of misfits. History was kinder to the X-Men as they exploded in popularity in the late 70s. The Doom Patrol dwindled into obscurity. So much so that the original creators killed the entire Doom Patrol in the final issue, Doom Patrol #121 in 1968. As we all know nobody dies in comic books.

They resurfaced into mainstream comics in 1989 with the help of Grant Morrison’s unique storytelling and cemented the team into an even stranger path. Many creators since then tackled the group with new ideas that are incorporated into the TV series. The show as the comic book is a self-parody of the super-hero genre. Strap in and suspend your disbelief and enjoy a romp with this motley crew of misfits.

Get ready to embrace the strange. DC’s favourite misfit heroes are back to save the world once again with the release of Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride with all 9 episodes from the second season of the original DC series, plus enjoy the captivating extra features including two behind-the-scenes featurettes.

DC’s strangest group of Super-Heroes are back again to save the world – that is if they can find a way to grow up…both figuratively and literally. Following the defeat of Mr. Nobody, the DOOM PATROL now find themselves mini-sized and stranded on Cliff’s toy race car track. Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal with Niles Caulder aka The Chief, while confronting their own personal baggage. As each Super Hero faces the challenge of moving beyond trauma and failure, they must come together to protect the newest family member, Niles’ daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing on the end of the world.

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Fun Fact:

In Doom Patrol, the villain of the story, Mr. Nobody, is shockingly the narrator as well.