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Doug Wright’s Nipper

    Drawn and Quarterly's Nipper

    Every country at one time had their own Charles M. Schulz, Canada is no exception to this. Doug Wright and his Nipper creation is a Drawn and Quarterly favorite that is getting a respected collected reprinting. The new annual series will be craftily designed by Seth by putting together for the first time the series that many Canadians have long forgotten. The beauty of Doug Wright is that he was able to express a scene without words. The panels didn’t need any words, the lines conveyed action with subtlety. A true artist that never got merit for being recognized because of geography. True connoisseurs have come out to expose this long forgotten Canadian gem. Drawn and Quarterly’s reboot of their first attempt with a mammoth of a book will bring glory to Doug Wright and enhance Canada’s new classic artistic export. Some will even say that Doug Wright might be on a higher stratosphere than even the revered Charles M. Schulz. Debatable is Nipper was doing Met-Life commercials today.

    doug wright's family

    Tony M.