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Duracell Energy Drink


    Duracell can power just about anything, now they can power humans too. It appears the makers of the world-famous batteries have joined the fold of energy drinks such as the likes of Red Bull. The cans look like giant batteries with their signature logo. These new gimmick drinks will be the buzz of any party. The copper-top canned energy drink was introduced in the Czech market in 2008. Product branding such as this is a couple of brilliance that promotes the already heavy battery competition out there. All we need now are Red Bull batteries and the market is leveled. With the gaming sector dependent on batteries to keep the remotes going, the energy drinks will keep the humans going a little longer and depriving them of sleep at the same time.  However, this is one drink that will not make it to North America because it’s not a Duracell battery product but from a European drink, maker called  El NINO BEVERAGES Inc. Lawyers must be up all night waiting for these drinks to cross international copyright borders and El NINO BEVERAGES will get a letter of cease and desist.


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