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EdgeWalk at the CN Tower

    This might be the most exciting that will ever happen in Toronto. Now you can be a human pinata dangling from the CN Tower. The EdgeWalk at the CN Tower is creating a buzz all around the world. This should be as exciting as last call at the bar as you meander through back alleys looking for a trash can puck your brains out. 2011 is the 35th anniversary of the CN Tower and what a perfect way to celebrate by dangling tourists and Canadians alike from your tower. All we need now is bungy jumping from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. That’s not a bad idea.

    Starting August 1, you can walk along the 1.5- metre-wide ledge along the tower’s highest pod. The cost: $175.

    Up to eight people can make the hands-free trip at the same time, supported by a harness and pulley attached to an overhead rail.

    Tony M.