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The possibilities are endless with the Endless Paper app

    endless paper

    If you are looking beyond the simple standard sheet to draw on with your iPad, Endless Paper is probably the best infinite canvas out there for handheld devices. It is great for infinite note-taking and drawing. It has a few bugs but is a lot of fun for a doodler like myself. I can create a whole doodle-verse. Is doodle-verse a word? Now it is.

    Introducing Endless Paper, an all-new kind of App featuring an infinite canvas that lets you take handwritten notes, sketch diagrams, explore and grow ideas visually, brainstorm with your team, organize your thoughts spatially, and so much more…

    Deliberately simple yet powerful, and incredibly fast, Endless Paper is as natural to use as pen & paper without the limitations of the physical medium.

    Whether you’re an engineer needing to visualize a problem, a designer wireframing your next UI, a student taking notes, a teacher giving captivating lectures, a manager brainstorming on the next big thing with your team, a scientist working on long formulas, Endless Paper is the ideal tool to help you think and communicate visually.

    The tailor-made Fractile vector rendering engine delivers an unparalleled level of performance: Whenever you are panning, zooming, or writing, you always get ultra-crisp, retina-quality, vector rendering at a silky smooth 120fps, even with millions of strokes simultaneously on the screen.

    Fun Fact: The earliest commercial program that allowed users to design, draw, and manipulate objects was the program MacPaint. This program’s first version was introduced on January 22, 1984, on the Apple Lisa.

    Tony M.