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EYEYAH! An Illustrated Guide to Anxiety for kids and kidults

    EYEYAH! An Illustrated Guide to Anxiety for kids and kidults

    Getting the message out about anxiety and other hard-to-tackle issues can be daunting, especially when your audience is kids and kidults. EYEYAH!, a Singapore magazine is managing to branch out with its message both from home and abroad in magazine form, workshops, apps, and interactively online. With the help of socially responsible companies, EYEYAH! is reaching out globally spreading out its unique visual message.

    Welcome to the weird world of Anxiety!

    Nearly 1/5 of us suffer from an anxiety disorder and that number is on the rise!

    What is causing this madness? is it technology? is it media? Is it stress? Artists and illustrators from around the world take us on a visual journey of Anxiety, with prompts throughout to get you to slow down and interpret each image. Let’s make it OK to talk about mental health and look at the world through a different lens…

    EYEYAH! is an educational platform that uses engaging learning materials and events to help children understand important social, environmental and economic topics. Through its magazines, toolkits, interactive workshops, exhibitions and even an app, EYEYAH! nurtures children’s creative and problem-solving skills in a playful and original way.

    Each issue is a collection of thought-provoking, eye-catching artworks created by over 30 visual thinkers and illustrators from around the world. Design to stimulate thought, nurture creativity and observation and engage readers in a visual conversation. Browse the issues.

    EYEYAH! create animations based on the artwork from each issue. A series of animated facts and riddles are released in conjunction with each new topic. Each animation highlights a different learning point in an entertaining and memorable way. You can see them here.

    Experience the interactive version of the magazine? We designed and created a special digital edition of the INTERNET issue in collaboration with Singapore’s IMDA. This 15 min interactive journey merges gaming, quizzes and visual learning to talk to children about Internet Safety. Download the App here.

    A series of workshops for both kids and kidults, built around hot topics and inviting participants to create their own thought-provoking communication pieces, sharpening fine motor and creative thinking skills.

    Top-class worksheets designed by leading creatives. These themed worksheets deconstruct world-class illustrations into activities to nurture creativity and promote active learning. We have made worksheets for other companies, museums, and restaurants and even have a regular slot in the South China Morning Post supplement for children. See them here.

    EYEYAH! created a series of design-led toolkits that use our artwork as a way to spark child-led discussion in the classroom, nurturing creative thinking and awareness about hot topics.

    Lead Designer & Company/Organisation: Steve Lawler and Tanya Wilson, EYEYAH! Ltd
    Tony M.