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Facebook Addiction

    facebook addiction

    Are you addicted to Facebook? Here are some signs that maybe there is something missing in your life. Has Facebook become a substitution for something missing in your life?

    • You wake up and the first thing you do is “check Facebook”. And it’s the last thing you do at night.

    • Nothing else thrills you or you feel “empty” without Facebook. All you want to do is spend time on Facebook, even to the exclusion of getting work done that needs to be done, or meeting family obligations. When not being on Facebook causes physical pain, sweats, illness and you’re champing at the leash to get back on it, your obsession has become an unhealthy one.

    • You’re not able to go for more than a day without using Facebook. If forced to do so, you find yourself suffering from Facebook “withdrawal” symptoms, such as finding nothing else interesting, trying to find ways to get back to Facebook even if it means using a computer that is either out of bounds (for example, not yours), or difficult to get to, or you find yourself intensely worried about missing out on Facebook updates. These are all very unhealthy signs

    • Even if you’re not on Facebook constantly (indicating you need a reality check), checking it many times during the day is a sign of compulsive behavior. Spending more than an hour on Facebook a day will easily cut into all the other obligations you have in life and may cause social dysfunction problems.

    • Your real life isn’t going so well and Facebook presents a fantasy escape life where everything seems unencumbered, neat, happy, and easy – all things that are the opposite of your everyday life.

    • Adequate sleep ceases to be important to you. Instead, you’re prepared to stay up way too late just to be able to accommodate your Facebook neediness. After all, you excuse yourself, your friends might think it’s remiss of you not to be around!