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Fighting Malware: It’s Not Easy Being a Blogger


    At one time it was easy to share ideas on WordPress. Now I have to worry about malware attacking my site. From entering the backdoor, old links from posts 5 years ago, blacklisted sites that link to mine, infographs gone bad, the list just keeps growing. Your host threatening to shut you down if you do not remove the stealth malware. Security site companies promising all kinds of protection at a premium price. You feel like you just got duped by somebody. You reflect and say to yourself is it worth self hosting? I feel like I was just sold mafia protection from a geek still living in his mother’s basement.

    The only bug I had to worry about before computers came along was when a ladybug that crawled on your piece of paper that you wrote on. I did not mind those bugs. Their puny lives depended on my thumb which decided their fate. Today I am the ladybug, the bugs that invade my blog now rule me. I still hold the final hand, I could pull the plug. No more bugs. I will see as time goes on. It is not easy being a blogger.