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Flowers In My Garden

    I am a fan of rare music. The Teensville Imprint collects obscure music that is so good that it could have been a hit. With 50 years plus, music such as this is tucked away in the recesses of memory. Long lost in old vinyl records too beat up to play anymore. Many of these songs have never seen the light of day since they were recorded. Record companies such as Teensville as more about passion than profit. Please support Teensville so that they can churn out great albums like this.

    Teensville proudly presents Flowers In My Garden, the seventh installment of examining the forgotten and neglected sounds of the late 60s. Compiled to give the listener an 80-minute frown-upside-down trip, the compact disc features 30 tracks recorded between 1966-1970 that sound like hits but weren’t. Artists include Bonni Long, The Guild, Donna Marie, Norro Wilson and many more.

    Flowers In My Garden includes a 24-page booklet containing pictures and annotations.

    Teensville Imprint/label is a Hobby Based label. Teensville specializes in Oldies rarities only. We only manufacture small runs of 1000 CD units or less. We don’t research, compile for any profits, rather any direct sales received are used to purchase rare records and to continue funding for more obscure projects.

    Tracks :

    1. Bonni Long – On Flower Street

    2. The Guild – The Sun Shines For You

    3. Force West – Gotta Tell Somebody

    4. Norro Wilson – Sunset & Vine

    5. The Arrangement – River Road

    6. The Kinsmen – Always The Loser

    7. Aquarian Age – I Saw The Sky

    8. Donna Marie – Sunshine Mind

    9. The Good Earth Trio – Louise

    10. The NJ Orange – (You’ve Got To) Live For Today

    11. Sons Of Cajun – Since Ronnie Left For Boston

    12. Society’s Children – Golden Child

    13. The Children – Such A Fine Night

    14. Robert John – Raindrops, Love And Sunshine

    15. The Weekends – Canadian Sunset

    16. Two Of Each – Every Single Day

    17. David Fisher – Gotta Tell The World

    18. THE MFQ – I Had A Dream Last Night (Alternate Mix)

    19. The Fabulous Farquahr – Hollywood Ending

    20. The Reasons For Being – A Thousand Years

    21. Neil Sedaka – Heartbreak House For Homeless Children

    22. James Arthur Griffin – Lookin’ So Much Better

    23. Richard Dickson – Make Them Laugh, Clown

    24. Donna Marie – The Penthouse

    25. The Arrangement – A Child Of The Times

    26. Force West – When The Sun Comes Out

    27. Norro Wilson – I’d Rather Do It Than Eat

    28. The Guild – You’ve Got The Cutest Smile

    29. The Kinsmen – It’s Good To See You

    30. The Orphans – There’s No Flowers In My Garden

    Please Sandbox World by buying Flowers In My Garden from Amazon.

    Tony M.