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Forever Changes: Love Story of Arthur Lee

    Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love

    Arthur Lee was a talented musician who did not get the recognition he deserved. In the early days of the L.A. scene where the likes of The Doors where blazing new trails for the California music exposition for counter-culture, Arthur Lee opened the doors to many of them. Arthur Lee’s Love was one of the first rock bands signed to Electra Records within a few months sent ripples with the psychedelic sound that would migrate to English shores and catch the attention of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Arthur didn’t tour much back then in the height of psychedelia, he suckled on the fruits of his endeavors in L.A. and did not tour that much. Perhaps this was his downfall as a musician. His local various gigs did not help the cause of the group. Many years later his music was appreciated more by European countries as the Love and Arthur Lee were long forgotten back home in the United States. Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love by John Einarson examines the life of Arthur Lee and his troubled life of love and coming back full circle with himself. Arthur never followed the latest trend, he paved his own road. Good or bad, he always managed to bring some poor souls along for the ride. He left a legacy that many musicians would die for. Only after death we come to appreciate his body of work. Here is a list of his top 7 albums.

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