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Gatchaman Collection 7


    This Alex Ross illustrated box set of Gatchaman Collection 7 is worth over $700.00. In a case of supply and demand, this hard to find Gatchaman box set can set you back a pretty penny. If anybody wants a copy, you can contact me. I am willing to go a bit cheaper than Amazon.

    Gatchaman  Alex Ross

    Airing in Japan between 1972 and 1974, the popular and highly influential anime series GATCHAMAN is credited with spearheading worldwide interest in the Japanese style of animation. In America, GATCHAMAN appeared in edited form as the 1970s-era television series BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, the late-’80s G-FORCE, and the updated ’90s spinoff OVA, but the series itself was never aired in its original Japanese format. This reissue finally presents the original GATCHAMAN in all its pristine glory: uncut, unedited, newly dubbed, and with 20 episodes never previously seen in the U.S. Relive the adventures of Professor Kozaburou Nambu; his Science Ninja Team of Ken, Jo, Jun, Jinpei, and Ryu; and their super-weapon aircraft, Phoenix, as they battle to save the Earth from the world-domination plans of the evil Galactor organization. This collection combines volumes 15 and 16 for episodes 73 through 84.

    Tony M.