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Giving the Finger to the Art World

    mobile fingerpainting

    Finger painting has morphed into a whole new meaning. Forget the preschool notion of finger painting. Finger painting belongs now to mobile gadgets that allow you to paint. Within 18 months since the newly found artistic platform, there is a whole new following flourishing with interesting art pieces from around the world. MobileArtCon 2010 in New York (iAMADA) gathers all mobile digital artists together to exhibit their craft.

    iphone artiPhone Artist, Mobile Artist, iArtists, FingerPainters – whatever you want to call them – have created a vast amount of art over the last 18 months and beyond. Now it’s time to break out of the walled online gardens of flickr and similar sites to show the art, debate it, interact. It’s time to get real. What started out as “getting together over a cup of coffee” has turned into the 1st annual conference of The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists.


    Tony M.