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Gracious Living

    be gracious

    I am in a business where the king of the hill mentality is the rule.  To be honest with you, I am tired of it.  It seems the little things that we take for granted as individuals in business is forsaken on how a good liar you can be.  I am sick and tired of all the games people play.  I am taking a whole new approach to business. I am being more gracious than ever before. I am going against the grain here, but it will pay dividends morally for my spiritual being.  Seems like old school.

    Be attentive to what people say. Respond, without interruption. You always have time. You own the time in which you live. You grant it to others without obligation. That is the gift of being gracious. The return — the payback, if you will — is the reputation you will quickly earn, the curiosity of others, the sense that people want to be in the room with you. The gracious man does not dwell on himself, but you can be confident that your reputation precedes you in everything you do and lingers long after you are finished. People will mark you for it. You will see it in their eyes. People trust the gracious man to care. The return comes in kind.