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Help Corin Raymond

    Canada has two currencies. The second unofficial is Canadian Tire money. It’s like monopoly money for the Canadian Tire chain in Canada. Instead of getting points on your card you get Canada’s alternative cold hard cash that you can buy anything in their stores. You would surprised what you can buy there. Toronto musician Corin Raymond wants to use Canadian Tire money to pay for his next recording studio gig.

    I’m blowing the Canadian Tire conch!  I’m calling out to your kitchen drawers, glove compartments, old tin cans, and shoe boxes!  You saved it so long!  You could save a little more and buy that rubber floor mat for your car (nothing wrong with that), or you could put that little stash in an envelope and send it to me and let me turn it into something we can all enjoy for the rest of our days.

    Please send any Canadian Tire Money to:

    Corin Raymond
    39 Oxford St.,
    Toronto, ON
    M5T 1N8

    Tony M.