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Hey Joe Greatest Hits

    The rights to Hey Joe are long lost with many claiming to have written the evolutionary traditional song. The Leaves are credited as the first group to record the song and spawned garage bands across the globe to play the standard song. Would it not be great to have a greatest hits of Hey Joe by famous and not so famous acts who recorded the song.

    1-Hey Joe by The Leaves
    2-Hey Joe by The Byrds
    3-Hey Joe by Deep Purple
    4-Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix
    5-Hey Joe by Love
    6-Hey Joe by The Standells
    7-Hey Joe by Cher
    8-Hey Joe by The Music Machine
    9-Hey Joe by The Shadows of Knight
    10-Hey Joe by Johnny Hallyday
    11-Hey Joe by The Marmalade 
    12-Hey Joe by Band of Joy (Robert Plant)
    13-Hey Joe by Patti Smith
    14-Hey Joe by Spirit (Randy California)
    15-Hey Joe by The Offspring
    16-Hey Joe by The Enemies 
    17-Hey Joe by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    18-Hey Joe by Fever Tree
    19-Hey Joe by The Golden Cups 
    20-Hey Joe by The Ant Trip Ceremony
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    Tony M.