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History of Bedrock

    Bedrock was founded by a tribe of twelve Flintstone-age families seeking a new way of life.  Rich in fertile soil, piled with rocks, and overflowing with dinosaurs, Bedrock was just the kind of place where the tribe wanted to settle down.  And they did.  One of their first tasks was to carve a monument of their great leader, Cornelius Granitebuilt, into the largest mountain in Bedrock. Fred and Dino Flintstone and Barney Rubble, three of Bedrock’s best-known characters, were added later.  The monuments were built high atop the mountain Mount Rockmore, Bedrock’s most famous landmark.  With the arrival of more families every year, Bedrock grew into thriving Flintstone-age metropolis.  Some of Bedrock’s more popular places of interest include the Gator Bowl, the Empire Slate Building, the Great Dinosaur Divide, the Elephountain, and the Bedrock Playground.

    Tony M.