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Hoarding Pictures

    Some might consider hoarding a disease or perhaps just a way to fill a void where happiness is empty. It has become a business where people are hired to de-clutter our lives of useless objects that we really don’t need. This obsessive behavior is a short term happiness that needs constant feeding with getting more garbage. Lisa Congdon is a photographer-artist who is hoarding visual objects daily for a year. The montage is a rather interesting one and a great visual exercise. A Collection Day is a depot of eye candy for the curious at heart. See more>>

    The practice of collecting and documenting collections is as old as the hills. I want onlookers here to know that I do not profess to be doing anything new or unique or ingenious. I am embarking on this project because I love my collections, and I want to document them in a way that makes sense to me, and share them with whoever might be interested in looking at them.

    Tony M.