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Hoff the Harmonica Case Man


    Collectors come in all shapes and sizes. It is an extension to the personality of the individual. Vermont’s Hoff the Harmonica Case Man collects commissioned harmonica cases. The Hoff is as unique as his own collection. It would be a misconception to think he spends all his time on his hobby, Bob Hoffman is an ordinary Joe like you and me and has a full time job and his passion happens to be collecting harmonica cases. Each case has a story to tell. You can catch Hoff on September 10 and 11 at the Burlington Art Hop (Conant Metal and Light).

    via-Hoff”s Harmonica Cases and Youtube

    The World's Largest Collection of  Hand Crafted Harmonica CasesHoff took up playing the harmonica ten years ago, and after a few years realized that there was no fun/attractive way to carry around his harmonicas. After much research he found a few standard leather and metal cases that most harp players use, but little else. He checked the internet as well as the network of harmonica players, but was dissatisfied with the options available. About 6 years at the Stowe Vermont Craft fair he found a talented beadwork artist who made him a beautiful and functional case for his harmonica, that he wears on a chain like a necklace.