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Hokkaido Green By Aidan Doyle

    Hokkaido Green By Aidan Doyle

    Here is a little short story about finding something you lost and finding yourself at the same time.

    After his brother died, Hitoshi Watanabe quit his job and decided to walk to the hot spring waterfall at the end of the world.

    His friends told him he was crazy. “You’re fifty-three years old. You’re not going to get another job.”

    “My brother died of overwork,” Hitoshi answered. “I don’t want that to happen to me.”

    He packed a bag with a few clothes, a sleeping bag, his camera equipment, and his father’s photo album and set out on foot from Osaka. The journey would have taken a few hours in a plane, but a pilgrimage demanded a journey on foot. After two months he reached the edge of Honsh? and took a ferry to Hokkaido. He continued walking towards Shiretoko, the peninsula in the island’s northeast. It was summer, and he filled his camera’s memory cards with photos of green meadows and fields of lavender.

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    Tony M.