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Homeless Polish Men Build Ship


    Ship of fools they are not, self-worth is a commodity hard to achieve if you have no money. It seems with the recession, more and more men are finding themselves on the street. Shunned by society, many can’t mend their lives and feel hopeless. Some turn to booze, others just drop out of the equitation of today’s world. Then there are those still penniless and find ways of grouping together and create something special for themselves and those around them. There is a group of homeless men in Poland building a ship of dreams that will sail the oceans of the world as a way to escape their current plight of despair. The two dozen men from Warsaw forge on with their ship as an homage to their mentor Boguslaw Paleczny, a Roman Catholic priest who inspired the group of men to get up and do something with their lives. He died in June at the age 50 due to tuberculosis diagnosed three years ago. He trained them to be men of the sea, captain-less the group have to press against the odds to build a sea-worthy ship that will give hope to them and those around them. The journey of bonding will only grow as the crew will take to sea and explore a brand new world out there. I am sure they will encounter the same despair that is engulfing the world where many families are finding themselves is a sea of confusion where corporate greed has engulfed many families into poverty. You can build your own ship of hope, there is always hope if you work and look for it. If you abandon society, society will abandon you.

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    “Some people smack themselves in the head when they hear, and probably think we’re crazy,” said Slawomir Michalski, 51, welder in the famous Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk

    Tony M.