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How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?: Ideas are Dangerous

    You got to learn the golden rule. Ideas can be dangerous. As sleepy kids make their way on school buses to once again start classes. You ask, How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? Bullies always find a way to make things difficult. As a kid I drew schoolyard political cartoons. I drew pictures of bullies and made fun of them. I got a whopping praise from them. They did not appreciate humor. My schoolyard political cartoon career was cut short because I was told my life might suffer the same fate. Word of advice. Bullies don’t go away. They buy guns. Empower yourself with knowledge and get many friends. Not those on Facebook, actual flesh friends that you can touch. There is strength in numbers. The bullies learn that one quickly, so should you.

    Cartoonist Ali Ferzat’s got beat down recently because he did not like the politics in his country. The bullies in his world were not appreciative of his political cartoons, so they broke his hands and spirit. At one time Ali Ferzat was a young boy waiting on a corner to go to school and learn about his world. It’s a dangerous place out there. Feed your head and bellies and come home in one piece. You should not be afraid to learn and speak your mind.

    Tony M.