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How Elvis Died

    Just how did Elvis die? A post-mortem tribute to the death of Elvis. Divya Srinivasan is the artist behind this sort of “Schoolhouse Rock!” type of video describing how the king died.

    via-Youtube by Divya Srinivasan.

    Elvis Presley’s autopsy commissioned immediately after his death involved draining all body fluids, removal of all vital organs, and sent to a pathology lab for testing to ascertain the cause of death. The coroner, Dr Jerry Francisco, who with Dr Eric Muirhead and Dr Noel Florredo attended the autopsy on Presley… they initially concealed the facts by attributing the cause of death to a massive heart attack. Their motive, they have since admitted, “was not to tarnish the image by a scandal of a drug habit.” In recourse to the now abundant rumors, Francisco states, “If Elvis is NOT dead, he’s walking around without his major organs as Elvis’ brain and heart are still in storage at Memphis Memorial Hospital.  Read  more>>

    Tony M.