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Hungry Headies Cookies

    Hungry Headies

    Campus life can be a daunting one at times. Late night studying and you got the munchies for cookies and milk but you ran out. What are you to do? You call Hungry Headies. Hungry Headies started off as a whim of sorts became a business as founders Greg Ramey and Wyatt Fowler created a late night cookie delivery service for hungry headies in school. The Twitter and Facebook experience drive the sales on the campus only delivery system at University of Vermont. The nocturnal bakers plan to expand their entrepreneurial experiment beyond hungry campus dwellers onto the Burlington population with a sweet tooth.

    Hungry headiesThe head Hungry Heads keep their customers updated on specials and other events via Facebook and Twitter. They even have a competition for the “Hungriest Head of the Week,” which is more about enthusiasm than the number of cookies consumed. “We’ve had people with vomit on them order. It gets pretty rowdy,” Ramey says. “You can always tell when someone is competing to be Hungriest Head.” The winner gets a featured photo on the Hungry Headies Facebook page.

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