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iPad Hits Snag

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    The reason I bought an iPad was to declutter my book and magazine collection. I am starting to find the whole downloading of books takes some time. Maybe I am just frustrated in the high speed world where things should be faster and my iPad is a tad slower when downloading. The magazines offered are not that outstanding and I am finding it hard to stay away from the paper ones because the prices for both are almost the same. I am forcing myself to weed off paper. The ease to buy one right now outweighs the downloading part. Many thought they would be getting a better deals with both books and magazines with the creation of the iPad. There are not too many deals out there. The cluttering of apps is becoming overwhelming already. The tablet is young and hopefully will become a bit user-friendly as it matures. Khoi Vinh explains his recent experience with his iPad.

    Take the recent release of the iPad app version of The New Yorker. Please. I downloaded an issue a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed every single word of every article that I read (whatever the product experience, the journalism remains a notch above). But I hated everything else about it: it took way too long to download, cost me US$4.99 over and above the annual subscription fee that I already pay for the print edition and, as a content experience, was an impediment to my normal content consumption habits. I couldn’t email, blog, tweet or quote from the app, to say nothing of linking away to other sources — for magazine apps like these, the world outside is just a rumor to be denied. And when I plugged my iPad back into my Mac, the enormous digital heft of these magazines brought the synching process to a crawl.-Khoi Vinh