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Lady Gaga to co-star in ‘Joker’ sequel with Joaquin Phoenix

    I saw the first Joker movie. Did I really enjoy it? Yes and no. I do not know how I feel about a sequel. Time will tell.

    Joker: Folie à Deux was announced by a brief promo video shared initially by Phillips and Lady Gaga, who will star alongside Phoenix in the Phillips’ directed and co-written film.

    The video features silhouettes of both stars alongside the familiar refrain of Irving Berlin’s “Cheek to Cheek,” a song that Gaga has covered with singer Tony Bennett. As for that title, folie à deux is a reference to a medical term regarding a mental health disorder that affects two people.

    Along with the film’s announcement, the video also reveals its release date—October 4, 2024. That will put it roughly five years behind the original’s release, which also hit theaters in October. It’s a lot of time for Joker fans to wait…but unlike Arthur, at least they haven’t had to do it in a padded cell.

    Tony M.