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Lost Records of K-Tel

    In a strange kind of way I miss those old K-Tel records. (showing my age) They were the fastfood of the music industry. They occupied shelves at the local Woolworth. K-Tel went the way of Woolworth. Both distant memories. If you step into a Foot Locker today, you are stepping into the last company of the Woolworth empire.

    (list of K-Tel commercials through the years)
    20 All-Time Greats Of The ’50s Vol. 2
    20 Electrifying Hits, 20 Original Stars
    20 Explosive Hits, 20 Original Stars
    20 Famous Country Hits
    20 Heavy Hits
    20 Irish Party Songs
    20 Power Hits Vol. 2
    20 Solid Hits
    22 Explosive Hits
    24 Country Gospel Greats
    24 Country & Western Greats
    24 Great Tear Jerkers
    25 Greatest Hits Of Sesame Street
    25 Polka Greats
    25 Rockin’ & Rollin’ Greats
    25 Rock Revival Greats
    26 Sing Along Honky Tonk Greats
    36 Super Gold Hits
    40 #1 Hits
    44 Golden Greats
    50 Children’s Favorites
    60 Juke Box Hits
    101% Klassik
    Adventures In Storyland
    Axe Attack
    Axe Attack Vol. 2
    Believe In Music
    Best Of Britain
    Best Of Country Music
    Best Of Hooked On Classics
    Block Buster
    Bright Side Of Music
    California Sun
    Can You Feel It
    Chart Explosion
    Chart Hits ’81
    Classic Opera
    Classics 100
    Classics For Today
    Country Flashbacks
    Country Road
    Country Sundown
    Country Superstars
    Danser Encore
    Dumb Ditties
    Flashback Fever
    Forever Lennon & McCartney
    Friends & Lovers
    Get Down With Boogie
    Girls Girls Girls
    Golden Greats
    Golden Melodies
    Goodtime Music
    Goofy Greats
    Great Italian Love Songs
    Heartbeat Of The ’70s & ’80s
    Hit Machine
    Hit Mix
    Hot Bubblegum
    In Concert
    It’s Gospel
    Juke Box Jive
    Kooky Toones
    Looney Tunes
    Love Album
    Magic Reggae
    Masters Of Metal
    Mind Bender
    Mounting Excitement
    Movin’ On
    Music Power
    Night Life
    Night Moves
    Out Of Sight
    Pardon My Blooper
    Pin-Ball Rock
    Platinum Album
    Play It Again
    Power House
    Power Play
    Pure Gold
    Pure Power
    Radio Veronica – 40 All-Time Greatest Hits
    Rhythm ‘N Reggae
    Right On
    Rock ’80
    Rock ’84
    Rock & Roll
    Rockin’ & Rollin’
    Rock Rules OK
    Songs Of Joy
    Sorrisos E Lagrimas
    Soul City
    Souled Out
    Sound System
    Sounds Spectacular
    Southern Fried Rock
    Super Star Collection
    Superstars In Country Music
    Star Power
    Straight From The Heart
    Super Bad
    Super Bad Is Back
    Superhits Of The Superstars
    Superstars Greatest Hits