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Love: Expressions Tell Everything 7″ Single Box Set

    Love: Expressions Tell Everything 7" Single Box Set

    My love for Love came by accident. On a whim, I bought the greatest hit of Love and was walloped by the music. The Doors were my favorite group at the time and I hungered for more music in the same vein. What I didn’t realize at the time was the significance of the symbiotic relationship between the Doors and Love. One group went on to become megastars, while the other existed on the fringes of obscurity. Love extended its existence due to covers by other groups such as UFO and the Damned with  “Alone Again Or.” Singers Ian Gillan and Robert Plant included Love songs in their early bands before joining Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. It seemed long after the band ceased to be, England had a bit more love for the band than America. I get excited anytime a new Love offering is released. Sure, I have every album from the group but this new packaging is quite unique. This is a great buy for connoisseurs of the band, I strongly recommend this new offering. Love is finally getting the love it deserves!

    Licensed with the blessing of Elektra Records founder and the man who signed Love, Jac Holzman, this is the first time a release has been put together which focuses on the band’s incredible run of singles through the 1960s. Featuring a bonus single previously only issued as a radio promo and a new and exclusive single for this box set with two of the band’s best.

    This limited edition one-time pressing boxed set features a 64-page booklet containing in-depth liner notes from Grammy-nominated writer Andrew Sandoval, rare concert posters and photographs from the Warner archive, two exclusive Elektra promotional postcards and a complete singles discography with all European picture sleeves represented. This is a stunning collector’s item for fans that goes beyond the revered Forever Changes album.

    • The first-ever vinyl box set featuring the band
    • 8 7” singles mastered from the original 7” reels with 2 singles exclusive to this set
    • In-depth 64-page booklet with track-by-track annotation from Johnny Echols and comprehensive notes from Andrew Sandoval
    • 2 promotional postcards
    • Limited edition one-time pressing

    love expressions tell everything

    “The musicians known collectively as Love were a group of five uniquely talented individuals…and though the full story of this fascinating cast of characters has yet to be told, this boxset represents a small sample of the body of work produced by this group and has proven to be timeless.” – Johnny Echols

    For the first time ever, Love’s original run of singles from 1966 to 1969 is collected and reissued together along with two exclusive 7”s. The first vinyl box set from one of the all-time great psych-pop bands should thrill and enlighten fans in equal measure.

    New Land was granted access to the original analog master tapes courtesy of Rhino / Warner and all tracks were remastered specially for these singles by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Bill Inglot. Presented inside a deluxe box with a spot-on gloss finish, the eight 7” singles, each featuring unique and original picture sleeves with ‘Elektra-style’ New Land labels. The two bonus singles include the previously only released promotionally ‘Que Vida’ / ‘Hey Joe’ and the newly created ‘Always See Your Face / ‘August’ single.

    At the center of this set is a 62-page booklet featuring track-by-track annotation by original guitarist Johnny Echols and in-depth liner notes from Grammy Award-nominated writer Andrew Sandoval. For this package, we have unearthed never-before-seen photographs of the band and included rare posters, singles, original master tapes and more. Every set also comes with a set of two promotional postcards.

    Rick Reuben shows great love for Love’s Johnny Echols

    Tony M.