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Mamika: Oldest Superhero

    oldest superhero

    What do you do if you are French photographer Sacha Goldberger and your 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika in the ruts and depressed? Simple. You dress her up and a superhero outfit that is a cross between a cannonball daredevil and Paul Stanley. Presto! You have the oldest superhero in the world. Move over Wonder Woman here comes, Mamika. She might not jump over the tallest building, run faster than a speeding locomotive but she will get your attention. Beauty is in all forms of life. You just have to look for it. Frederika loves the camera and is not depressed anymore because of all the attention she got from her superhero expose.

    Mamika: Oldest SuperheroFrederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, at the peril of her own life, she courageously saved the lives of ten people. When asked how, Goldberger told us “she hid the Jewish people she knew, moving them around to different places everyday.” As a survivor of Nazism and Communism, she then immigrated away from Hungary to France, forced by the Communist regime to leave her homeland illegally or face death.


    Tony M.