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Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers

    Real comic book collectors are always after the variant cover of fan-favorite comic books. The marketing ploy for both retailer and collector to buy more comics has been around since 1986. The first comic book marketed with a variant cover was the 1986 first issue of The Man of Steel, which featured two different covers by writer/artist John Byrne. You will only find them at your local comic book store. In some cases, the best customers are rewarded with this privilege by the retailer. The variant cover at most times celebrates the main character in a new perspective or even non-comic book illustrators who take a unique jab depicting the characters in an outlandish manner. Insight Editions with the help of John Rhett Thomas and cover illustrator Mike Del Mundo celebrate the variant cover from Marvel Comics. I guarantee this will be a sought-after book, the collected artwork from various comic books are eye candy for all to devour. This is one book I would not pass. I love the cobbled-together superhero cover by Mike Del Mundo for the book. If you are a non-collector, John Rhett Thomas curates you through the history and explanation of the characters in the book. This is a great way to introduce you to the world of variant covers and its place in the Marvel Universe. It is more than a marketing ploy, it’s a tip to comic book fans and pop culture.

    Comprising some of the most sought-after and valuable comic art in the world, variant covers are a time-honored tradition in comics publishing.

    The variant cover phenomenon began in 1986 and was immediately embraced by fans everywhere. It was then bolstered in 1991 by Marvel Comics’ X-Men #1 setting the world record for the best-selling comic of all time, which is attributed to the astonishing collection of five variant covers released for the issue.

    Variant covers have now become a regular part of Marvel Comics’ diverse output, with spectacularly creative alternate covers being created for many key issues. These works of art are collected in Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers which showcases over 400 of the finest and most famous variant covers ever produced alongside exclusive interviews from leading comic artists and industry experts.

    Featuring an astounding selection of covers starring fan-favorite characters, such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, the X-Men, and many more, Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers is a must-have for casual fans and comic book aficionados alike.

    Author: John Rhett Thomas is a Marvel Comics expert who has written more than fifteen Marvel art books over the last decade. His works include The Marvel Art of Joe QuesadaThe Marvel Art of Marko DjurdjevicThe Marvel Art of John Romita Jr., and several Marvel Monograph titles.

    Cover Artist: Mike Del Mundo‘s illustrations can be found on the covers of comics everywhere; from his high-contrast, almost psychedelic renditions of Weirdworld, to dark humor-inspired covers for Dexter and X-Men Legacy. In recent years Mike has, in addition to producing award-winning covers, become a leading interior artist with runs on WeirdworldBlack WidowAvengers, and Thor.

    Tony M.