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Marvel’s Unlimited releases a new digital-first miniseries featuring Brute Force

    Marvel’s Unlimited digital comic service pleasantly surprised fans over the weekend by releasing a new digital-first miniseries featuring Brute Force, a team of cybernetically-enhanced animals who gained fame from a forgotten 1990 mini-series. Despite the original series’ lack of quality, Brute Force, particularly the uzi-toting dolphin named Dr. Echo (formerly known as “Surfstreak”), and his companions, including the slang-speaking kangaroo Hip-Hop, the determined bald eagle Soar (formerly “Slipstream”), the dim-witted bear Wreckless, and the ferocious lion Lionheart, have gained a cult following over the years, solely due to the sheer absurdity of the concept.

    A group of intellectual bionic animals, known as Brute Force, must stop the Earth’s increasing environmental pollution! Soar! Wreckless! Lionheart! Hip Hop! Surfstreak! It’s a full-on throwdown when these party animals get together!

    Brute Force was initially conceived as a desperate attempt to capitalize on the rising popularity of action figures. In the 1980s, President Reagan’s deregulation of the advertising industry opened up avenues for companies to directly market to children. This resulted in a flood of new action figures, accompanied by cartoons and comic books designed solely to promote these toys. Think about all the nostalgic cartoon and action figure combos from the 80s, and it becomes clear that many of them were simply quick cash grabs facilitated by Republican policies. Marvel had experienced success by working on licensed toy tie-in properties like GI Joe and ROM: SpaceKnight. However, someone within the company had a revolutionary idea: what if Marvel created its licensed toy tie-in property that could begin as a comic book and later spawn a massively successful toy line?


    The creators of Brute Force discussed their vision in an interview with GamesRadar. They explained that the aim was to build a comic book series that would serve as the foundation for a profitable line of toys. Marvel had observed the market potential and success of licensed toy tie-ins and sought to create a property that followed a similar trajectory. By starting with a comic book, Marvel could establish the characters, their backstories, and their world. Once the concept gained traction and captured the audience’s imagination, the natural progression would be to translate these characters into action figures, further fueling their popularity and profitability.

    While Brute Force’s original comic series may not have been critically acclaimed, the sheer audacity of a team comprising cybernetically-enhanced animals armed with heavy weaponry has ensured the group’s enduring appeal. The quirky lineup, led by the gun-wielding dolphin Dr. Echo, has become a symbol of the excessive creativity and eccentricity that emerged from the era of cash-grabbing toy tie-ins. Despite their initial obscurity, Brute Force has managed to amass a dedicated following, showcasing the power of absurdity and nostalgia in capturing the imagination of fans. Marvel’s decision to revive this offbeat team through the new digital-first miniseries on Marvel’s Unlimited platform demonstrates their willingness to embrace unconventional and lesser-known characters, appealing to fans’ appetite for unique storytelling and surprises.

    Tony M.