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Mattel Creations Reveals new UNO card set by Shantell Martin

    Mattel Creations unveiled a captivating addition to their Artiste Series, a unique UNO set adorned with the distinctive artwork of Shantell Martin. For those unfamiliar with this remarkable series, the UNO Artiste Series serves as a tribute to influential artists, inviting them to infuse their creative brilliance into decks of UNO cards. This innovative initiative was inaugurated in September 2019 with the legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat, and it has since evolved to encompass decks featuring the artistic talents of luminaries such as Keith Haring, Nina Chanel Abney, Shepard Fairey, and Takashi Murakami.

    Shantell Martin’s contribution to this series is nothing short of spectacular. Her UNO set showcases a fascinating array of variations on her signature artistic style, presented in a specially curated color palette that breathes new life into the classic game. It’s a remarkable fusion of her distinctive artistic vision with the beloved UNO gameplay we all know and love.

    The UNO set curated by Shantell Martin offers a unique opportunity to experience her artistic world through the lens of this iconic card game. Priced at a reasonable $25, it provides both art enthusiasts and UNO aficionados with an accessible and engaging way to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art.

    “In our latest installment of the UNO Artiste series, Shantell Martin reimagines the UNO deck, showcasing the iconic line drawings that embody her ever-increasing influence as a contemporary artist. Often referred to as a language of lines, Martin’s whimsical drawings and messages are both thought-provoking and memorable. The iconic artworks shown on the card feature her cast of unique characters and bold typography, turning this UNO Artiste deck into a work of playable art.”

    “Drawing inspiration from Martin’s signature line-drawing style, the UNO Artiste Series: Shantell Martin deck is thoughtfully adorned with evolving and fluid black lines taking on the shape of faces, stick figures, sailboats, and more.  The UNO Artiste Series: Shantell Martin deck adds a playful twist to the UNO gameplay fans know and love by inserting fun meanings and hidden messages into certain UNO cards, such as the 8-card, which plays off the rhyme, “don’t be late.” The set also includes four double-sided “Extra Cards” that, once combined, create two images of Martin’s original designs in both black and white.”

    “The UNO Artiste Series offers an incredible opportunity to infuse my art into one of the most iconic card games in the world. I’m honored to be part of the series and share my playful take on UNO, joining an impressive group of artists with Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, Nina Chanel Abney, and more. My art is just like my life – never following a straight line – and I hope fans find comfort in the twists and turns along the way,” says Shantell Martin.

    With this latest addition to the UNO Artiste Series, Mattel Creations continues to bridge the gap between art and play, offering a fresh and exciting way for people to engage with the works of influential artists while enjoying a timeless card game with a creative twist.

    Tony M.