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Meet Sandwich Friends From Ikea

    Now here is a brilliant idea. Toys created by kids for kids. IKEA selected 5 ideas submitted by kids from all over the world for their new line of stuffed soft toys. I really love the Sandwich Friends. All five will be a global phenomenon.

    The five characters selected by the jury this year include “Sandwich Friends” developed by Canadian Audrey (9 years), “Cat” Lithuanian Liepa (8 years), “Fried Egg” Polish Zosia (7 years), “Mermaid Dog” Russian Owls (9 years) and “Bird”, developed by American Nick (10 years).

    “Children’s endless creativity is amazing. Every year we are impressed by the number of unique, cool and fun creations we get. I wish we could make them all!” from Sweden.

    In total, out of more than 66,000 submitted by the organizers, five images were selected to be transformed into real stuffed animals to be part of the SAGOSKATT collection.

    Meet 9-year-old Audrey from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! She submitted her drawing ‘Sandwich Friends’ last Fall at the IKEA Edmonton Store and was one of 5 International winners selected from over 66,000 entries. In an e-interview, Audrey said, “the drawing represents best friends who live in Canada. Peanut Butter is soft, and jelly is sweet which together they make a wonderful treat”. With ‘Sandwich Friends’, Audrey wants to spread kindness and ensure we always stay with and take care of each other.

    IKEA donates 100 percent of the proceeds from the collection’s sales to support local initiatives that promote children’s right to play and develop.