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Miley Cyrus may get Salvia Banned

    Miley Cyrus may get Salvia Banned

    Before this week nobody knew what salvia was, not anymore, the still-legal herbal substance is making the rounds on the net. The compromising over the top performance of Miley Cyrus and her bong smoking exploits has got the attention of parents who were not aware of salvia. Parents are scared that their kids will emulate their idol. Last time Miley Cyrus was in the limelight was in 2007. Most of her merchandise has ended up in dollar stores and kids have outgrown the teen idol. Salvia on the other hand has become the new darling of the media.

    Miley Cyrus may get Salvia BannedSalvia Divinorum, also known as Salvia, translates to ”diviner’s sage” because of its traditional uses with Mazatec shamans. Salvia is a psychotropic plant that can grow up to a meter high and is originally from a remote area of Oaxaca, Mexico called Sierra Mazateca. Historically it has been used by the Mazatec people for healing and divination sessions.

    There is a vast array of factors that can determine the effects of Salvia on an individual such as method of ingestion, how much is ingested, and a person’s body weight among other determinants. Surprisingly, the duration of the effects are not as long as one would think. Typically the effects peak in less than half an hour, however it’s not uncommon for more subdued effects to be felt for up to as much as two hours later. Each experience with Salvia is unique to the person using it. There is very little data available on the long term effects Salvia can have on our bodies. Some of the more common effects people report are:

    Uncontrollable laughing
    Loss of physical coordination
    Experiencing a deep sense of peace or calmness
    Sensing a deep connection with nature
    Profound sense of introspection
    Physical sense of flying, twisting or turning
    Sense of traveling to another time or place