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Moms Against Gay Comics

    Moms across North America are upset with DC, Marvel and Archie comics for promoting gay characters. The latest gay character to come out of the closet is Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern. Seems like an eternity to come out of the closet. Earth Two’s and DC’s first Green Lantern is making a bigger splash because of name recognition by non comic book readers. The Green Lantern that every knows has a weakness of yellow which renders his ring unworkable. Alan Scott’s ring has a weakness for wood. Guess wood will not be an immunity anymore. Some groups want to bring back the old Comic Code Authority approval. I got news for these moms, they should check the comic collections of their husbands. They are the ones buying the comics. Comics are not for kids anymore. Are they afraid that their husbands might be turning gay just like Alan Scott? With this ring I do pronounce you a gay lantern.(image source)

    Tony M.