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Montreal Expos Coming Back

    The Montreal Expos were the first baseball awarded a franchise outside the United States. The team was always on shaky ground from the beginning with ownership. There were two other names considered for the team, the Voyageurs and the Nationals. Ironically, the team relocated to Washington and become the Nationals. Baseball came back to Washington three times. Could Montreal ever get a team back? Seems unlikely.

    The team enjoys nostalgic sales of team merchandise in North America. Montreal is a city rich in history when it comes to baseball. There will be some form of the game in the future. The city enjoys a motley assortment of different cultures with ties to soccer and baseball seems so foreign to them. Baseball is purely a North American sport that is hard pressed to find fans outside Central South America and Japan. A World Series is a mockery considering that more countries play hockey over baseball.

    September 29, 2014 marks the 10th year that Montreal is void of a team. Will this be remedied by then? It is sad considering that Montreal is a large market sports city. With uncertainty in the recent recession, anything is possible. Will the Expos come back? As memories fade, the chances are as great as Brooklyn getting a team again. For those who were alive during the rocky rise and fall of the Expos, the Expos will always live in their hearts. Keep the flame alive.

    Tony M.