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Montreal Potholes

    Potholes have become part of the landscape in Montreal. We have to commute around them. Artists Claudia Ficca & Davide Luciano have found new ways to work around potholes and illustrate the seriousness of the ever growing mounting of pothole problem in major cities in North America with their sense of humor.

    Claudia Ficca is a recent graduate from Concordia University in Montréal. Since graduation her focus has been magazine writing and photography projects, concentrating on food photography. Her passion and creativity can easily be seen in her works.

    Davide Luciano graduated from the Toronto Film School, where he was the recipient of awards and accolades including best director. His films have screened at the Montreal and Toronto Film Festivals. Davide has since expanded his artistic practice to include photography, and has developed a passion for the art form. He is presently working on his next major photography endeavor.

    Tony M.