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Most Dependable Blogging Service on the Web

    Most Dependable Blogging Service on the Web

    Picking the right blogging platform can be daunting at times. The criteria you should really consider is downtime. Content might be king, but if nobody is there to see it, you will lose readers. The big players in the blogging universe are Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr and Posterous. For different reasons people gravitate to certain services. Be it either money or maybe you want your blog with a little more muscle. Royal Pingdom put the services to task and measured their downtime in two months. Unfortunately Tumblr is the big loser was the most downtime, the lonely pioneer Google Blogger is the winner with no downtime. The other three services were equal in little downtime. The gap between Tumblr and Blogger is alarming since many like Tumbler’s interface. Is it worth your time? There are many factors that Tumbler might not be responsible for but time is precious for many. The ultimate decision is yours. Right now not many will tumble for Tumblr with stats like that.


    The reliability winner(s). The winner was without a doubt Google’s Blogger. The Blogger blogs didn’t have any downtime whatsoever during the two months we monitored them, followed by which had very little downtime. Typepad deserves an honorable mention here as well. Posterous had somewhat mixed results, but overall receives a passing grade. Tumblr was the only service in the test that truly failed.

    Tumblr’s troubles. Tumblr has had a rough time with their stability lately, which is made abundantly clear by this survey. Most of the monitored blogs had very little downtime, but the Tumblr blogs all had a huge amount of downtime for such a short period of time. Some Tumblr blogs were down for a total of more than two days during the two-month period of this survey. Tumblr also had the single longest outage by far, where its blogs were unavailable for almost 24 hours on December 5-6.

    Not all blogs are created equal, even within the same blogging service. Downtime can vary significantly between blogs on the same service, presumably depending on which servers the blogs are hosted on. It’s a similar situation to that of shared hosting, where you can end up on servers that perform worse than others for various reasons.

    Tony M.