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Muhammad Ali Goes to Mars: The Lost Interview

    [vimeo 49639734 w=500 h=281]

    In 1966, a persistent 17-year-old (Michael Aisner) with a high school radio show outside Chicago got the interview of a lifetime. He scored Muhammad Ali. For the first time you can hear the hilarious interview. This is Muhammad Ali in prime form, ready to conquer the collective spirit of humanity. It was a dream come true for a young upstart radio personality who convinced the greatest boxing champion to share his thoughts with a insignificant high school radio station of no importance in Muhammad Ali’s universe.

    “There were two huge loves of my life at the time: astronauts and Muhammad Ali,” says Aisner, from his home in Boulder, Colorado. “So here is Ali doing a routine that has to do with him going to Mars — there wasn’t anything that could have been cooler.”