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Mummies of the World

    Mummies of the World Opens at California Science Center

    These are not the most lively bunch at the California Science Center in Exhibition Park. The mummy collection of dead souls has managed to attract over 100,000 living souls already since July 1, 2010. Mummification is not solely attributed to Egypt, many cultures have tried to preserve the corpses of individuals or some were victims of a natural mummification created by the right natural conditions where dryness was constant for many years.


    California Science Center Welcomes 100,000th Guest for 'Mummies of the World' Exhibition“The natural mummification is from deserts, bogs, cellars, ice, salt, sugar, all different kinds of way,” says Perlov. “Mummification requires a consistent dryness as well as particular chemical and mineral conditions.”

    Tony M.