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Music Sampled by the Beastie Boys

    Here is the ultimate collection of every song sampled by the Beastie Boys. The list is extensive! The boys were rhymin’ and stealing for a long time. You can download the extensive samples here.

    Many years ago (more than I care to remember), I began a quest to personally track down every record and song that had ever been sampled by the Beastie Boys. I was inspired by the classic Ultimate Breaks & Beats series as it introduced me to songs that I had only heard in sampled form, and needless to say, hearing these tracks in their entirety as opposed to a quick snippet, stab, scratch, or loop opened my mind to a whole new musical experience. While digging in the bins at Uncle Sam’s Records back in 1996, I discovered the white-label/bootleg pressing of B-Boy Breaks:12 Original Tunes as Sampled By The Beastie Boys:

    Licensed To Ill
    Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks [Rhymin’ & Stealing]
    Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf [Rhymin’ & Stealing]
    The Clash – I Fought The Law [Rhymin’ & Stealing]
    Funk Inc. – Kool is Back [The New Style]
    The B-Boys – 2, 3, Break [The New Style]
    Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb [The New Style]
    Led Zeppelin – The Ocean [She’s Crafty]
    Cerrone – Rocket In the Pocket (live) [Posse In Effect]
    Joeski Love – Pee Wee’s Dance [Posse In Effect]
    Juice – Catch A Groove [Posse In Effect]
    Fat Larry’s Band – Down on the Avenue [Slow Ride]
    Uncle Louie – I Like Funky Music [Paul Revere]
    Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ [Hold It Now]
    Kool & The Gang – Funky Stuff [Hold It Now]
    Bob James – Take Me To The Mardi Gras [Hold It Now]
    The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Return Of Leroy Pt. 1 [Hold It Now]
    Wild Sugar – Bring It Here [Brass Monkey]
    AC-DC – Flick of the Switch [Slow & Low]
    Barry White – I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More, Babe [Time To Get Ill]
    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down On The Corner [Time To Get Ill]
    Jay Livingston – Mr. Ed Theme Song [Time To Get Ill]
    Led Zeppelin – Custard Pie [Time To Get Ill]
    The Russell Brothers – The Party Scene [Time To Get Ill]
    Schoolly D – Gucci Time [Time To Get Ill]
    Billy Preston – Nothing from Nothing [Time To Get Ill]
    Stevie Wonder – Boogie On Reggae Woman [Time To Get Ill]
    Victor Mizzy – Green Acres Theme Song [Time To Get Ill]

    Paul’s Boutique
    Idris Muhammad – Loran’s Dance [To All The Girls]
    Alphonse Mouzon – Funky Snakefoot [Shake Your Rump]
    Rose Royce – 6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock) [Shake Your Rump]
    Rose Royce – Born To Love You [Shake Your Rump]
    Diana Ross & Supremes – No Matter What Sign You Are [Shake Your Rump]
    Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder [Shake Your Rump]
    Rose Royce – Daddy Rich [Shake Your Rump]
    Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Loved [Shake Your Rump]
    Harvey Scales – Dancing Room Only [Shake Your Rump]
    Black Oak Arkansas – Hot And Nasty [Shake Your Rump]
    Alan Moorhouse – Soul Skimmer [Shake Your Rump]
    Paul Humphrey – Super Mellow [Shake Your Rump]
    Ronnie Laws – Tell Me Something Good [Shake Your Rump]
    Afrika Bambaataa – Unity, Pt. 2: Because It’s Coming [Shake Your Rump]
    Funky 4 + 1 – That’s The Joint [Shake Your Rump]
    The B-Boys – Rock The House [Shake Your Rump]
    Rose Royce – Yo Yo [Shake Your Rump]
    Afrika Bambaataa – Unity, Pt. 6: World III [Shake Your Rump]
    Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch [Johnny Ryall]
    Donny Hathaway – Magnificent Sanctuary Band [Johnny Ryall]
    Paul McCartney – Momma Miss America [Johnny Ryall]
    Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff [Johnny Ryall]
    Pink Floyd – One of These Days [Johnny Ryall]
    David Bromberg – Sharon [Johnny Ryall]
    Chris Stein – Military Breakbeat [Johnny Ryall]
    Elvis Costello – Pump It Up [Egg Man]
    Lightnin Rod – Sport [Egg Man]
    Curtis Mayfield – Superfly [Egg Man]
    Tower Of Power – Drop It In The Slot [Egg Man]
    Public Enemy – Bring The Noise [Egg Man]
    Commodores – I’m Ready [Egg Man]
    Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music [Egg Man]
    Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours [Egg Man]
    John Williams – Main Title (Theme From Jaws) [Egg Man]
    Bernard Herrmann – Psycho: A Suite for Strings [Egg Man]
    Eagles – Those Shoes [High Plains Drifter]
    The Fatback Band – Put Your Love (In My Tender Care) [High Plains Drifter]
    Isaac Hayes – Walk From Regio’s [Sounds of Science]
    The Beatles – The Beatles – When I’m Sixty-Four [Sounds of Science]
    The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Sounds of Science]
    The Beatles – The End [Sounds of Science]
    The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [Sounds of Science]
    Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy [Sounds Of Science]
    James Brown – Get Up,Get Into It, Get Involved [Sounds Of Science]
    Pato Banton – Don’t Sniff Coke [Sounds Of Science]
    Sly & The Family Stone – Brave & Strong [3 Minute Rule]
    Fancy – Feel Good [3 Minute Rule]
    Sly & The Family Stone – Poet [3 Minute Rule]
    The Ramones – Suzy Is A Headbanger [3 Minute Rule]
    Loggins & Messina – Your Mama Don’t Dance [3 Minute Rule]
    Zapp & Roger – So Ruff, So Tuff [Hey Ladies]
    Cameo – Shake Your Pants [Hey Ladies]
    P-Funk All Stars – Pumpin’ It Up [Hey Ladies]
    Kurtis Blow – Party Time [Hey Ladies]
    Commodores – Machine Gun [Hey Ladies]
    Afrika Bambaataa – Jazzy Sensation [Hey Ladies]
    World Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ [Hey Ladies]
    James Brown – Funky President [Hey Ladies]
    Edwin Starr – War [Hey Ladies]
    Zapp & Roger – Dance Floor [Hey Ladies]
    Jeanette “Lady” Day – Come Let Me Love You (instrumental) [Hey Ladies]
    The Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz [Hey Ladies]
    James Brown – Ain’t It Funky Now [Hey Ladies]
    Eric Weissberg – Shuckin In The Corn [5-Piece Chicken Dinner]
    The Incredible Bongo Band – Last Bongo In Belgium [Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun]
    Mountain – Mississippi Queen [Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun]
    Ocean – Put Your Hand In The Hand [Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun]
    Pink Floyd – Time [Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun]
    Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus [Car Thief]
    Max Yasgur – Speech At Woodstock 1969 [Car Thief]
    The Jackson 5 – I’ll Bet You [Car Thief]
    Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man [Car Thief]
    Gene Harris – Put On Train [What Comes Around]
    Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick [What Comes Around]
    Alice Cooper – It’s Hot Tonight [What Comes Around]
    Rose Royce – Do Your Dance [Shadrach]
    James Brown – Funky Drummer [Shadrach]
    Trouble Funk – Say What [Shadrach]
    Sly & The Family Stone – Loose Booty [Shadrach]
    Ballin’ Jack – Never Let Em Say [Shadrach]
    The Fatback Band – King Tim III (Personality Jock) [Shadrach]
    Sugarhill Gang – Sugarhill Groove [Shadrach]
    Burundi Steiphenson Black – Burundi Black [59 Chrystie Street]
    Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line [59 Chrystie Street]
    Malcolm Mclaren – Buffalo Gals [59 Chrystie Street]
    Fab 5 Freddy & B-Side – Change Le Beat [59 Chrystie Street]
    Run-DMC – Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse 1985) [59 Chrystie Street]
    Starski – Starski Live at the Disco Fever [Get On The Mic]
    Southside Movement – Save The World [Stop That Train]
    Scotty – Draw Your Brakes [Stop That Train]
    Tower Of Power – Ebony Jam [Year And A Day]
    Disco Dave & the Force of the Five MC’s – High Powered Rap [Year And A Day]
    The Isley Brothers – That Lady [Year And A Day]
    Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues [Hello Brooklyn]
    The Meters – Hey Pocky A-Way [Dropping Names]
    Sweet – Into The Night [Dropping Names]
    Bob Marley – Dylan Taite  Interview (New Zealand 1979) [Dropping Names]
    The Crusaders – The Well’s Gone Dry [Lay It On Me]
    Kool & The Gang – Let The Music Take Your Mind [Lay It On Me]
    Chic – Good Times [A.W.O.L.]
    Trouble Funk – Good To Go [A.W.O.L]
    West Street Mob – Break Dance – Electric Boogie [Dis Yourself In ’89 (Just Do It)]
    Sammy Davis Jr. – Baretta’s Theme [Dis Yourself In ’89 (Just Do It)]
    Electric Light Orchestra – Jungle [Dis Yourself in ’89 (Just Do It)]
    Gregory Abbot – Shake You Down [Dis Yourself In ’89 (Just Do It)]
    Average White Band – Cut the Cake [Dis Yourself in ’89 (Just Do It)]
    The Bar Kays – Holy Ghost [33% God]
    Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three – Request Line [33% God]
    Marley Marl featuring MC Shan – He Cut’s So Fresh [33% God]
    Black Flag – Rise Above [And What You Give Is What You Get]
    The Treacherous Three – New Rap Language [And What You Give Is What You Get]
    The Jam – Start! [And What You Give Is What You Get]
    Mutabaruka – De System [What You Give Is What You Get]
    The Micronawts – Smurph Across The Surf (dub version) [What You Give Is What You Get]
    Young-Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut [Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already]

    Check Your Head
    Cheap Trick – Surrender (Live at Budokan) [Jimmy James]
    The Turtles – I’m Chief Kamanawanalea [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced? [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – EXP [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – Foxey Lady [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – Still Raining Still Dreaming [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – Happy Birthday [Jimmy James]
    Jimi Hendrix – Third Stone from the Sun [Jimmy James]
    K-Rob & Rammelzee – Beat Bop [Jimmy James]
    Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word [Jimmy James]
    The Fearless Four – Rockin’ It [Jimmy James]
    Bob Marley – Duppy Conqueror [Funky Boss]
    Richard Pryor – Acid [Funky Boss]
    Thin Lizzy – Showdown [Funky Boss]
    Big Youth – Solomon A Gunday [Funky Boss]
    Ohio Players – Funky Worm [Funky Boss]
    Barrington Levy – Under Me Sensi [Funky Boss]
    James Newton – Choir [Pass The Mic]
    Jimmie Walker – The Black Prince Has Arrived [Pass The Mic]
    Bad Brains – Big Take Over [Pass The Mic]
    Johnny Jenkins – I Walk On Gilded Splinters [Pass The Mic]
    EPMD – So What Cha Sayin’ [Pass The Mic]
    Johnny Hammond – Big Sur Suite [Pass The Mic]
    Funkadelic – I Wanna Know If It’s Good to You? [Pass the Mic Pt 2]
    The Fifth Dimension – Age Of Aquarius [Finger Lickin’ Good]
    Johnny Hammond – Breakout [Finger Lickin’ Good]
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Freaks For The Festival [Finger Lickin’ Good]
    Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues [Finger Lickin’ Good]
    Southside Movement – I’ve Been Watching You (single version) [So Whatcha Want]
    Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin’ With Biz [So Whatcha Want]
    Five Stairsteps – Don’t Change Your Love [So What’cha Want (Butt Naked Version)]
    Ted Nugent – Homebound [The Biz Versus The Nuge]
    Peter Sichel – On Wine: How to Select & Serve [The Blue Nun]
    The Village Callers – Hector [The Blue Nun]
    Back Door – Slivadiv [Stand Together]
    Cold Blood – Kissing My Love [Stand Together]
    Grady Tate – Be Black Baby [Stand Together]
    Cheech & Chong – Don’t Bug Me [The Maestro]
    The Eleventh Hour – Medley (Sock It To Me/It’s Your Thing) [The Maestro]
    Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Kojak [The Maestro]
    Bad Brains – Supertouch/Shitfit [The Maestro]
    Richard Pryor – Gettin’ High [Live At PJ’s]
    The National Lampoon Comedians – Mr. Roberts #1 [Mark On The Bus]
    Venom – Live at City Gardens 1986 [Mark On The Bus]
    Lee Quinones – Wild Style Film Dialogue [Professor Booty]
    Willie Henderson – Loose Booty [Professor Booty]
    Freddie Prinze – Hunga Rican [Professor Booty]
    Jimmy Smith – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Babe [Professor Booty]
    Schoolly D – Gucci Time [Professor Booty]
    Kool & The Gang – Give It Up [Professor Booty]
    Buddy Miles Express – Let Your Lovelight Shine [Professor Booty]
    Freddie Hubbard – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey [Professor Booty]
    Buddy Miles Express – Train [Skills To Pay The Bills]
    Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee – Harlem World Battle [Drunken Praying Mantis Style]

    Ill Communication
    Jeremy Steig – Howling For Judy [Sure Shot]
    Moms Mabley – The Funny Sides of Moms Mabley [Sure Shot]
    Run-DMC – Rock The House [Sure Shot]
    K-Rob & Rammelzee – Beat Bop [B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak]
    Charlie Rouse – Hopscotch [B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak]
    Mantan Moreland – That Ain’t My Finger [B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak]
    Jimmy Smith – Root Down and Get It [Root Down]
    Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick – The Show [Root Down]
    The Moog Machine – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine [Get It Together]
    Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns – Four Play [Get It Together]
    Eugene McDaniels – Headless Heros [Get It Together]
    Grand Funk Railroad – Inside Looking Out [Get It Together]
    Grand Funk Railroad – Nothing Is the Same [Get It Together]
    John Klemmer – Children Of The Earth Flames [The Update]
    Big Youth – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing [Flutterman’s Rule]
    Michael Holman & GQ Jimmie Jaz – Graffiti Rock Excerpt [Alright Hear This]
    Yusef Lateef – Samba de Amor [Alright Hear This]
    Grandmaster Flash – Flash To The Beat Live [Alright Hear This]
    Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – It’s Nasty (Genius of Love) [Alright Hear This]
    The Blues Project – Flute Thing [Flute Loop]
    Richard Pryor – I Spy Cops [Flute Loop]
    Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Dub Revolution [Flute Loop]
    Young-Holt Unlimited – Rubber Lips [Flute Loop]
    The Micronawts – Smurph Across The Surf (dub version) [Flute Loop]
    Bob Dylan – The Mighty Quinn (Quinn, The Eskimo) [Do It]
    Run-DMC – Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1) [Heart Attack Man]
    Cedar Walton – Jacob’s Ladder [The Scoop]
    Free Movement – I Know I Could Love You Better [The Scoop]
    I-Roy – Tougher Than Tough
    Kurtis Blow – Tough [The Scoop]
    Michal Urbaniak’s Fusion – Atma: Today/Tomorrow [The Scoop]
    Just-Ice – Latoya [The Scoop]
    Afrique – Kissing My Love [Bodhisattva Vow]
    Led Zeppelin – Bonzo’s Montreux [Resolution Time]

    Hello Nasty
    Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee – Harlem World Battle [Super Disco Breakin]
    Run-DMC – Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1) [Super Disco Breakin’]
    Iron Butterfly – Get Out Of My Life, Woman [The Move]
    Quincy Jones – Gula Matari [The Move]
    Los Angeles Negros – El Rey y Yo [Remote Control]
    Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Basement [Remote Control]
    Vicious – Nika [Remote Control]
    Ed Durlacher – Modern Dynamic Physical Fitness Activities [Body Movin’]
    The Byrds – Fido [Body Movin’]
    McDonald & Giles – Tomorrow’s People, Children Of Today [Body Movin’]
    Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers – Oye Como Va [Body Movin]
    Jazz Crusaders – Love Is Blue [Intergalactic]
    Les Baxter – Rachmaninoff – Prelude In C# Minor [Intergalactic]
    The Stoval Sisters – Hang On In There [Intergalactic]
    Lee Michaels – Tell Me How Do You Feel [Sneakin’ Out the Hospital]
    Nine – Whutcha Want [Putting Shame In Your Game]
    Johnny Osbourne – No Ice Cream Sound [Putting Shame In Your Game]
    Biz Markie – Vapors [Putting Shame In Your Game]
    EPMD – You’re a Customer [Putting Shame In Your Game]
    Rob Swift – Rob Swift Vs. Rahzel [3 MC’s & 1 DJ]
    Run-DMC – Peter Piper [3 MC’s & 1 DJ]
    Skinny Boys – Jock Box [3 MC’s & 1 DJ]
    Grandmaster Flash – Flash To The Beat Live [The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’)]
    Alex Bradford & Company – I Gotta Keep Movin [The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’)]
    Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Superappin’  [The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’)]
    Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Got Myself a Good Man [The Negotiation Limerick File]
    The Pair Extraordinaire – Come Back To Me [The Negotiation Limerick File]
    Barbara Lynn – Poor Old Trashman [The Negotiation Limerick File]
    De La Soul – Stakes Is High [Electrify]
    Igor Stravinsky – Infernal Dance of King Kastchei [Electrify]
    Stephen Sondheim – Act I: Company [Electrify]
    UTFO – Roxanne Roxanne [Unite]
    John Nitzinger – Texas Blues – Jelly Roll [Dedication]
    Boogie Down Productions – Ya Slippin’ [Alive]

    To The 5 Boroughs
    Peggy Lee – Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay [Ch-Check It Out]
    Peggy Lee – Spinning Wheel [Ch-Check It Out]
    Buryl Red & Grace Hawthorne – Tra-La [Right Right Now Now]
    Don Costa – The Devil Rides In Jericho [Right Right Now Now]
    The Partridge Family – I Would Have Loved You Anyway [Right Right Now Now]
    LL Cool J – El Shabazz [3 The Hard Way]
    Mantronix – Bassline [3 The Hard Way]
    Marley Marl – The Symphony [3 The Hard Way]
    EPMD – Strictly Business [It Takes Time To Build]
    EPMD – You Gots to Chill [It Takes Time To Build]
    Curtis Hoard – Defender [Time To Build]
    Public Enemy – Public Enemy #1 [Rhyme The Rhyme Well]
    Sugarhill Gang – Rappers Delight [Triple Trouble]
    Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – Bellevue Patient [Hey Fuck You]
    Run-DMC – Rock Box [That’s It That’s All]
    Gary William Friedman & Will Holt – Sounds [All Lifestyles]
    Frank Howard & The Continentals – Do What You Wanna Do [Shazam!]
    Kool & The Gang – Open Sesame [Shazam]
    Robert Goulet – New York Is My Home [Open Letter To NYC]
    Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer [An Open Letter to NYC]
    Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra – Love Is Blue [The Brouhaha]
    The Flaming Lips – They Punctured My Yolk [We Got The]

    Tony M.