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myPANTONE Mobile App Color Generator

    Pantone released Version: 2.2.0 of myPANTONE which helps those who need to work with color in their daily life. From drawing to painting your house, myPANTONE is a very handy reference tool.

    For over 50 years, PANTONE has been the international language of color. Why struggle with color communication when you can simply reference a PANTONE Color and designers and manufacturers all over the world will know your exact hue. With the myPANTONE™ app you have access to over 13,000 PANTONE® Colors, including the PANTONE PLUS SERIES and Fashion + Home colors. Easily create color palettes for inspiration and share them with friends, clients and vendors. myPANTONE offers designers and color conscious consumers a way to take PANTONE Colors with them wherever they go. Can’t remember what a color looks like? Now you can have Portable Color Memory™.