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Netflix: New Clip From Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Trailer: New Netflix Clip From Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Netflix wants you to plunge back into the zany world of Scott Pilgrim because Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is about to blast off your screens! Yep, we’re revisiting the brainchild of the ingenious Bryan Lee O’Malley, whose comic books were the muse for the 2010 cinematic rollercoaster known as “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”

    In this epic reprise, we’ll be graced by the presence of all our favorite characters, including Scott, the perpetually confused yet lovable 23-year-old bassist of Sex Bob-Omb. The one and only Michael Cera dons his bass-playing hat once more, showing us that he’s still got it (or maybe not)!

    Ramona Flowers, the ever-mysterious and ever-enigmatic object of Scott’s affections, is back too, with the fantastic Mary Elizabeth Winstead stepping back into her colorful, ever-changing shoes. If you thought you’d seen the last of Wallace Wells, Scott’s witty, snarky confidant, think again, because Kieran Culkin is reprising his role, and he’s as quick-witted as ever!

    “It’s hilarious. It’s emotional. It’s visually stunning. The action scenes will blow your mind. And there might be a few surprises along the way.”-Bryan Lee O’Malley

    Anna Kendrick returns as Scott’s sister, Stacey Pilgrim, and you can bet your bottom dollar she’s still dishing out sisterly advice with a side of sass. But what about Envy Adams, Scott’s former flame? Don’t worry, Brie Larson’s got you covered. The talented actress is returning to give us a glimpse into the complicated love life of our beloved bassist.

    Scott’s bandmates are also strapping on their instruments once again: Alison Pill as the kick-butt Kim Pine, Mark Webber as the laid-back Stephen Stills, and Johnny Simmons as the always-optimistic Young Neil. And let’s not forget Ellen Wong as the high-energy Knives Chau, who’s back and ready to rock!

    Now, for the pièce de résistance, the Evil Exes! Satya Bhabha, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, and Mae Whitman are back to remind us why breaking up with them was such a pain in the… well, everywhere!

    Scott Pilgrim is getting an animated twist, thanks to the brilliant minds at anime house Science SARU. Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ben David Grabinski are cooking up a storm with the writing and executive producing duties, promising a whirlwind of humor and excitement. And if that’s not enough, the series will be grooving to the tunes of Anamanaguchi (yes, the ones from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game”) and Joseph Trapanese, so get ready to jam out to the beat of the Pilgrim once more.

    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is back to whisk us away on a wild, animated adventure, and it’s time to strap in because things are about to get as crazy as ever!

    Tony M.