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New Blondie box set: Against The Odds 1974-1982


    10LP, 4LP, 8CD and 3CD editions • 52 bonus rarities • Lavish packaging

    I am really excited about Blondie’s new box set. With a whopping 52 rare tracks that should please new and old fans.

    Against The Odds 1974-1982, the long-awaited Blondie box set will finally be released in August this year across four major physical formats.

    From the first-ever authorized and in-depth archive in Blondie’s history, this 8-CD edition features their first 6 studio albums and the very best of the outtakes and rarities taken from the Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition, remastered from the original analog tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios. Included is a 128-page book featuring an exhaustive look at Blondie’s international notoriety via picture sleeves and regional pressings.

    The 10LP super deluxe set offers all six studio albums – BlondiePlastic LettersParallel LinesEat To The BeatAutoamerican and The Hunter – and includes four additional LPs of session outtakes, B-sides, and demos. These rarities are titled ‘Plaza Sound’, ‘Parallel Beats’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Home Tapes’. This vinyl box comes with a bonus 10-inch of outtakes called ‘Out In The Streets’ and a seven-inch single featuring the band’s cover of The Doors’ ‘Moonlight Drive’ and demo of ‘Mr. Sightseer’. In total, it contains 124 studio tracks.

    The vinyl super deluxe comes with two books: a 144-page hardcover book with session commentary from Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri, Frank Infante, Nigel Harrison, and Gary Valentine, and essays from producers Richard Gottehrer and Mike Chapman and a 120-page volume which gives a discographical overview of the period via hundreds of pic sleeves, 45 labels, international sleeve variants, flexis, cassettes, and even 8-tracks.

    CD 1: Out In The Streets

    1. Out In The Streets (1974) 2. The Disco Song 3. Sexy Ida 4. Platinum Blonde 5. The Thin Line 6. Puerto Rico 7. Once I Had A Love (1975) 8. Out In The Streets (1975)

    CD 2: Blondie (Self-Titled)

    1. X-Offender 2. Little Girl Lies 3. In The Flesh 4. Look Good In Blue 5. In The Sun 6. A Shark In Jets Clothing 7. Man Overboard 8. Rip Her To Shreds 9. Rifle Range 10. Kung Fu Girls (Take 8) 11. The Attack Of The Giant Ants 12. X Offender (Intro) 13. X Offender (Private Stock Single) 14. In The Sun (Private Stock Single) 15. Little Girl Lies (Private Stock Mix) 16. In The Flesh (Extended Intro) 17. A Shark In Jets Clothing (Take 2) 18. Kung Fu Girls (Take 8) 19. Scenery

    CD 3: Plastic Letters

    1. Fan Mail 2. Denis 3. Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45) 4. Youth Nabbed As Sniper 5. Contact In Red Square 6. (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear 7. I’m On E 8. I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No 9. Love At The Pier 10. No Imagination 11. Kidnapper 12. Detroit 442 13. Cautious Lip 14. Denis (Terry Ellis Mix) 15. Moonlight Drive 16. Bermuda Triangle Blues – Flight 45 (Take 1) 17. I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No (Take 1) 18. I’m On E (Take 2) 19. Kidnapper (Take 2) 20. Detroit 442 (Take 2) 21. Poets Problem

    CD 4: Parallel Lines

    1. Hanging On The Telephone 2. One Way Or Another 3. Picture This 4. Fade Away And Radiate 5. Pretty Baby 6. I Know But I Don’t Know 7. 11:59 8. Will Anything Happen 9. Sunday Girl 10. Heart Of Glass 11. I’m Gonna Love You Too 12. Just Go Away 13. Once I Had A Love (Mike Chapman Demo) 14. Sunday Girl (French Version) 15. I’ll Never Break Away From This Heart Of Mine (Pretty Baby) 16. Hanging On The Telephone (Mike Chapman Demo) 17. Will Anything Happen (Instrumental)

    CD 5: Eat to the Beat

    1. Dreaming 2. The Hardest Part 3. Union City Blue 4. Shayla 5. Eat To The Beat 6. Accidents Never Happen 7. Die Young Stay Pretty 8. Slow Motion 9. Atomic 10. Sound-A-Sleep 11. Victor 12. Living In The Real World 13. Call Me 14. Spaghetti Song 15. Die Young Stay Pretty 16. Underground Girl 17. Union City Blue 18. Llámame

    CD 6: Autoamerican

    1. Europa 2. Live It Up 3. Here’s Looking At You 4. The Tide Is High 5. Angels On The Balcony 6. Go Through It 7. Do The Dark 8. Rapture 9. Faces 10. T-Birds 11. Walk Like Me 12. Follow Me 13. Autoamerican Ad 14. I Love You, Honey, Give Me A Beer (Go Through It) 15. Live It Up (Giorgio Moroder Demo) 16. Angels on the Balcony (Giorgio Moroder Demo) 17. Tide Is High (Demo) 18. Susie & Jeffrey 19. Rapture (Disco Version)

    CD 7: The Hunter

    1. Orchid Club 2. Island Of Lost Souls 3. Dragonfly 4. For Your Eyes Only 5. The Beast 6. War Child 7. Little Caesar 8. Danceway 9. (Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say) 10. English Boys 11. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game 12. Yuletide Throwdown

    CD 8: Home Tapes

    1. Nameless (Home Tape) 2. Mr. Sightseer 3. Sunday Girl (Home Tape) 4. Theme From Topkapi (Home Tape) 5. The Hardest Part (Home Tape) 6. Ring Of Fire (Home Tape) 7. Heart of Glass (Chris Stein Mix) 8. Call Me (Chris Stein Mix) 9. War Child (Chris Stein Mix)

    If you just want the bonus tracks and don’t require the remastered albums then the good news is that 3CD and 4LP editions which offer just that are available. The 4LP set features all 52 bonus tracks and comes packaged as a 128-page hardcover book tucked inside a foil-wrapped slipcase (all the formats are foil-wrapped). The 3CD edition has the same 52 tracks and comes with a 164-page hardcover mini-book housed in a sturdy slipcase.

    Tony M.