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New Charles Burns Book

    The hottest graphic novel is coming out this October. X’ed Out by Charles Burns is a tip to two icons in the art world. The artistic marriage of William Burroughs and Hergé is so evident as Charles Burns peaks as a creator in his direct to book release new offering. The fringe illustrator will be making some inroads with the mainstream with X’ed Out. A true shooting star in every sense.

    X’ed Out by Charles BurnsMeet Doug, aspiring young artist. He’s having a strange night. A weird buzzing noise on the other side of the wall has woken him up, and there across the room, next to a huge hole torn out of the bricks, sits his beloved cat Inky. Who died years ago. But that’s no longer the case, as he slinks through the hole, beckoning Doug to follow. So he does. Now there’s no turning back. What the heck is going on? To say much more would spoil the creepy, Burnsian fun, especially since – unlike Black Hole – X’ed Out has not been previously serialized anywhere and will have readers guessing at every unnervingly meticulous panel.

    Tony M.