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New Facebook Search Engine

    I hate Facebook! Sure many people will disagree with me. There is word that Facebook plans to have a rival search engine to Google.  Make no mistake about it Facebook harvests personal information to sell to companies so that they can sell products. Google does the same thing.  Google is much more than Facebook.  Google offers other services that benefit society. Facebook exposes the degeneration of society. Sure it is a tool. You can blame the people behind the screen who post daily crap of nonsense. Still I would pick Google over Facebook any day of the day. 

    Facebook and Google are in the stock market to make money for their shareholders. I will pick the lesser of two evils.  It seems that we are doing that each day. There seems to be more bad than good. The Facebook search engine is one of those bad things.  They can spin it anyway they want it. The bottom line is it is all about money.  How much money do these guys need?

    Search remains a vastly profitable business for Google. Revenue from Google-owned websites made up 69% of the company’s total $16.52 billion in revenue for the third quarter of this year. Google doesn’t break out exactly how much of that is from the ads it sells against your search results, but several estimates are in the 50% and up range. And it’s Android platform for cell phones has helped it lock down mobile search, an area as hot as social.