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New Google + Not a Facebook Killer

    Google appears to be contorting itself into all sorts of unnatural positions in a desperate attempt to outdo Facebook, but the result is more like a “Google minus” than a genuine competitor. Whether we examine their failed ventures like Google Wave or their latest attempt with Google+, it’s clear that they just can’t seem to grasp the concept.

    It’s almost comical how they’re copying Facebook’s moves as if they’ve forgotten that nobody really admires a mimic. Just take a look at what happened to Myspace, a cautionary tale of imitation leading to obsolescence.

    In the world of innovation and social networking, timing is everything, and Google seems to be chronically late to the party. Their endeavors, such as Google+, feel like outdated relics before they even launch. In my cynical view, I’d have to give Google+ a resounding “minus” on the success scale.

    It’s high time for Google to retreat to the proverbial drawing board and reevaluate their approach because as it stands, they’re merely chasing trends and failing to set them.

    There is widespread skepticism about Google’s ability to be successful in the online social networking space. In the past, they’ve made strong attempts with Orkut, Wave and Buzz but the overall results paled in comparison to the success of Twitter or Facebook. With Google +, users can create “circles” that allow them to segment their connections (i.e. friends, family, co-workers, etc. .), they can follow or create an area of shared interest called a “spark” (let’s say you’re into Thai cuisine or mixed martial arts or eating Thai cuisine while watching mixed martial arts), you can share your images or even create a live get together known as a “hangout,” and the integration between the Web and mobile experience looks seamless (with the one exception being that the iPhone app is not available yet).(source)

    Tony M.