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New Meta “Threads” app to compete with Twitter

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I’m genuinely excited about the news of Threads, a new app from Meta that will rival Twitter. It’s like a more simplified version of Instagram, with fewer pictures. With Instagram’s established infrastructure and large following, I believe Threads has the potential to be a quick success. It’s surprising that Google didn’t try to create a Twitter-like app after their previous attempt with Google Plus. I am not too keen on Threads as an app name. It’s a million times better than Mastodon. Sorry, I tried Mastodon, not a fan of it.

Meta internally acknowledges that their upcoming app is aimed to compete with Twitter. The app, codenamed “Project 92,” will be called Threads upon its release. Meta will use the Instagram login system, which can also optionally use the Facebook login system, to create user accounts.

From the leaked screenshot, it appears that the interface of the new social media app is similar to Instagram, but it does not include images. Chris Cox, the Chief Product Officer of Meta, has stated that the app will use the ActivityPub social networking protocol, which enables users to transfer their Instagram accounts and followers to the upcoming platform.