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New Star Trek Animated Series

    Rumors are abound as a new Star Trek animated series is perhaps taking shape. Seems Trekies are feeling a hunger of sorts for a new series and it seems like ages since Enterprise. Sci-Fi shows are making a splash once again with Dr. Who. Is it the right time for Star Trek to come back? Even as in animated format, fans will embrace the series if made right. Star Wars has enjoyed success in animated versions.

    Responding to a tweet from TrekMovie, Star Trek writer Bob Orci revealed on his twitter feed tonight that he’s been talking about putting together an animated Trek. Just exactly who he’s been talking to about this remains a little unclear, based on the context of the conversation it’s either something he’s been mulling over with his Star Trek co-writer Alex Kurtzman, or it’s something he and Alex have actually been talking about with Trek rights-holders Paramount and CBS.

    Tony M.